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Sad Wings Of Providence  
       James Harris
James Harris
The House
The Woods
The Dream


On the day of his grandmothers funeral, James Hahn becomes victim of a life-threatening attack. As he learns of his recent inheritance, which holds much more than a mere dollar value, and the connection between this incident and a terrifying experience he had as a child, he wonders if he had this coming to him his whole life. James has seen things that no mortal should and his existence threatens the most evil of criminals …  yet, despite their tormenting, he is left to live.

James’ demons, urges and doubt tangle him as he is thrown into a supernatural ring of terror, crime, and a parallel existence with Hell on earth. The stunning, yet unusual, Mika Bödkin toys with his mind as he travels across the globe to confront evil, amend the mistakes of his ancestors and fulfill a mission which he believes he is obligated … but, has he sealed the fate of the ones he loves?


“Sad Wings Of Providence” : a good vs. evil tale of faith, doubt, trust and deception.

Question the possibilities …

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